Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yesterday was my boyfriend and I actual real first date we had. Everything had been too busy and over done with Year 12 to keep us from actually going out there and having fun together. It was a day to absolutely remember between the two of us. We headed off to the city + Luna Park at midday. The weather was such a nice summer day. Oh how much I love summer :) makes everything so much more worth doing! We found out things about each other that we didn't have a clue of before such as I am a very brave and adventurous girl who isn't scared of all the scary rides and not like girls, I don't scream my head of on the ranger or the flying saucer and that Khuyen has never been on Dodgems before and yesterday was his first time (he was so nervous when we got into the bumper car, it was so cute LOL). We also went on a bit of shopping at Paddy's Market and I got myself two new sunnies and a new phone case & screen protector for my iPhone. My boyfriend was such a gentlemen yesterday. He paid for everything,he carried my bag when I was tired, took care of me and made me laugh the whole day. I am honestly very happy to be with him, I couldn't ask for anything better. He's my version of Edward Cullen <3<3
"There were three things I was absolutely sure of. One, edward is a vampire. Two, there was a part of him, and I'm not sure how dominant that part might be, that thirsted for my blood. And third, I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him."

Here's a video of Khuyen & I on the Merry-go-Round.

The whole day was full of laughs, photos, smiles and excitement. Baby, I know you're reading this. I hope you had fun as much as I did yesterday.
Many more dates like this with me to come. I love you babe, there's so many ways I could tell you that I love you but in the end I still wouldn't think that any word can describe the way I feel about you. xxxxxxxxx

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us against the world - christina milian
Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I know this song is a bit old but so what! I'm loving it!

Also check this movie out, it's so funny and the guy is soooooooooo hot! ;)

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10 things I love about McDonalds
Sunday, September 6, 2009

haha this was a post that my linh and i decided to post up, to show how much we want to leave love maccas! *copyright from my linh's page (but i swapped the names :D)
  1. I love McDonalds because I always get 50% discount of my purchase :)
  2. I love bitching about work and complaining about how shit the place is but for some reason I haven't quit yet.
  3. I love it how we get so worked up over burgers and nuggets.
  4. I love resembling the m sign with my eyes when I smile at customers!
  5. I love it when managers goes crazy and starts yelling at everyone like their life is about to end.
  6. I love dealing with the different customers which some are mentally retarded & some are just so nice and welcoming.
  7. I love all the different types of timers which all makes different noises.
  8. I love it how the crew goofs around and mocks customers without them knowing.
  9. I love it when customers rock themselves when they try to put the blame on us.
  10. But last but not least, I love working at McDonalds the most because I love it how I get $11.60/hour to hang out with my work mates! xx
Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there.

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It was an absolutely awesome night. Thank you so much to Wendy Ngo for the professional photos! Our last school disco, I will miss partying in the Bini Shell :(

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Set your body free - darren styles
Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well today is one of my good buddy birthday. Wishing him the best in the future and good luck for HSC. Thank you for always being there for me and giving me a helping hand. Have fun today and dance your ass off at disco. You're 18
now, don't do anything stupid and please don't put on anymore weight LOL! See you tonight!!

Btw, birthday sex .. birthday sex HAHAHAHHA (inside joke)
Love you fat shit.

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Fall For You - Second Hand

Sorry haven't been blogging. I had just finally got uncapped yesterday which was great news! Well a lot been happening over the last week. Parties had been flying off since trials are finally over though results had been smashing down as we got all our papers back. I had failed English & Biology, well I guess majority of Year 12 failed those subjects. Though I'm alright with failing Biology since I did good in my practical exam which made me feel better. Let's stop talking about school, I'm sure I'm boring you and I'm sure you guys would like to know what I been up to and what parties I been going to.

Bryan's 18th Caribbean Party.
Oh my god, Bryan was a total superstar on his birthday. He was rocking the dance floor and singing like he never sang before. It was a beauty seeing our school captain going wild. I'm sure everyone enjoyed watching, taking photos and recording Bryan that night. The party wasn't that bad, or maybe I'm just not that crazy anymore LOL. Some drama happened that night though I still enjoyed myself and I'm pretty sure the birthday boy did too. Wishing him the best.

The girls night out.
This night was a night to remember. We all went to Darinna's house and made taco followed by dessert of chocolate fondue with strawberries a
nd banana. Oh my, I'll have to say the girls deserves a round of applause for the delicious meal. We all hanged out and planned on watching "Fighting" though Darinna's television didn't work. We ended up chatting the night away with a ending act of imitating the Spice Girls. Gosh it was hilarious though absolutely tiring.

Mel's 18th Birthday Party.
I really wasn't suppose to go to this party because I had work from 3pm - 11pm. Though magically it wasn't busy and my manager gave me a 2
hour early mark. So I ended up calling Melain to come pick me up to head to the party. I rushed getting ready and when I got to the party, omg I looked so dead compare to everyone. I had no make up on and my hair was yucky and I smelt like McDonalds! Though it didn't really matter to me, like who was there to impress when I have such a lovely boyfriend already. The DJ was absolutely awesome. I loved every music he played and the way he span that remix. Though it totally killed it when Adrian took over and played trance. The party was fun, I enjoyed dancing with the girls and just sitting around and talking with everyone once again. Best wishes to you birthday girl.

And baby if you're reading this, I love you <3 I know it been rough for us theses last couple of weeks. But babe, I know we can do it and hopefully things will get better for us. You know what you mean to me already, there's no need to question that. Thank you for letting me draw on your face all the time. I enjoy doing it and I know you do too. Hahas :) Lots of love xx

That's all for now, goodnight and take care.

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Unlove You - Elise Estrada
Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 reasons why I love Tu Nhi Tiffany Vuong;

1. I love her because she thinks she's the female version of Good Luck Chuck - If you actually were, I would totally do you too ;)
2. I love her for the way she sing songs like she's the biggest import asian and laughs at herself while singing.
3. I love her because she imply that she's hotter then everyone else and it's not in that mocking way or sarcastic talks. (She's serious!)
4. I love her because she has different laughs for different situations.
5. But the main reason why I love her is because she repeats the same thing over again because she has no other phrase; "SO I WAS LIKE, GET OFF ME AND HE WAS LIKE ...." LOL!

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